Which expressions are equivalent to (5⋅x)⋅3 ? Drag and drop the equivalent expressions into the box 3⋅(5⋅x) 5⋅3+x⋅35⋅(x⋅3)15x5⋅3⋅x⋅3

Accepted Solution

Answer: First option. Third option. Fourth option. Step-by-step explanation: For this exercise is important to remember that equivalent expression have the same value. Then given the following expression provided in the exercise: [tex](5x)3[/tex] You can find equivalent expression by: -  Changing the position of [tex]3[/tex]: [tex]3(5x)[/tex]     (This matches with the first option) - Solving the multiplication indicated. Then: [tex](5x)3=15x[/tex]      (This matches with the fourth option)- Writting [tex]x3[/tex] inside the parentheses: [tex]5(x3)[/tex]     (This matches with the third option)