What is the value of x in this triangle? Enter your answer as a decimal in the box. Round only your final answer to the nearest hundredth. X = ° A right triangle. The perpendicular is labeled as 5. The base is labeled as 20. The alternate base angles are labeled as right angle and x degrees

Accepted Solution

Answer:14.04°Step-by-step explanation:In this right triangle, we're seeking the measurement of an angle at the base of the triangle and we have the measurements of two of the sides (none are the hypotenuse) : the opposite one of the angle and the adjacent side.The relationship between the two sides we have the measurement and the angle we are looking for is the tangent:[tex]tan(\alpha) = \frac{a}{b} = \frac{5}{20} = 0.25[/tex]To find the angle we do an arctan on 0.25 and we get an angle of 14.04 degrees.